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Tischna is a fairly large region towards the north of Shoalrije, usually with year-round cool weather and beautiful floral valleys. It is famous for the vast amethyst caves and the purple wisteria foliage that fills the forests. The outskirts of Tischna mostly consist of dense pine woods and rocky riverbanks, typically covered in moss. It is home to many predators, including the notorious Onixian Dragons.

A castle is built within the center of the island of Amethyst Valley, and is currently inhabited by King Jean Piloutte and his royal family. The villagers are generally happy and thriving the slowly expanding kingdom. There are many farmlands for crops, and illegal mining. Sales of gems are restricted and typically sold under the black market here. This also attracts many traders and tourists.

Princess Reimina Keishana is a royal heir from Amethyst Valley. She is exiled and on the run for the murder of the former Tischna King.