Xepher Sicarius

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Species:  Jackal
Gender: Male
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair:  Black with grey tips in the bangs and back
Appearance: 6’0” foot tall, light brown fur with cream colored muzzle. Long straight hair reaching mid-back. Scruff chin. Muscular body. Long ears with cream fuzz. Black paw pads on hands and feet, white claws.
Clothes: Long crimson captains frock coat with gold trims. Dark Crimson cloak with hood attached by falcon broach. Crimson captains hat with red, gold, white plume feathers. No shirt. Small leather belts around his arms (2 on his left, 1 on his right) Brown Leather baldric with golden buckle overlapping a black leather belt. Few small pouches for storage. Golden sash. Assassin battle robe from the bottom. Black breeches . Leather ankle covers.
Strengths: Stealth skills
Weakness: Lack of gun skills
Weapons: 2x Hidden blades under the sleeves of his coat. 2x Flintlock pistols, Longbow & quiverfer

Xepher was born and grew up in the city of Falcon’s Point, a city once ruled by corrupted council. As a young age, Xepher parents vanished from him, making him live on his own where he began to steal from vendors, merchants, and others just to survive in the city. As he was in his teens, he became a member of a thieves guild and was sent on a mission to steal an artifact from an assassins den. Xepher snuck into the den, almost getting away with the artifact until being captured by the master assassin. He was held captive in the den, not knowing what his sentence will be, the Master, however was impressed by his skill in stealth and instead of ending his life, the Master takes Xepher under his wing and trains him to become a Master Assassin.

Many years of training later, Xepher becomes a full time assassin working to protect the good for the brotherhood. After the fall of the Council, Xepher is hired by Markus Drake to travel to Mangora and to go investigate about a pirate ship full of loot and treasure. What will happen to the Assassin when he arrives to Mangora? Only God knows. Xepher, also known as The Crimson Assassin, is 21 years old who is free spirted and always lurking for adventure and travel. He is very protective to those he cares for and sometimes can be a flirt when it comes to ladies, but retains his gentlemen ways. As easy going as he can be when relaxing, he knows when its time to be serious and when not too. Xepher also has a pet peregrine falcon companion named Theron that travels with him that can help him out when missions or fight enemies..