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Master Gunner Odin Canis

Jun - 30 2014

Odin Canis Species: Snow Leopard/ Gray Wolf Mix Gender: Male  Eyes: Blue Hair: Gray Appearance: 6′ 5″ tall, lean build. Grey fur with leopard print, he has a white belly, white paws that extend down the bottom of his arms, and a black tipped tail and black rimmed ears. He has retractable claws.  Clothes: Odin usually wears loose fitting pants with […]

Panthera Islands

Jun - 30 2014

Panthera Island Leopars Island are a small group of  islands west of Shoalrije.  Many primitive feline species inhabit these islands, and it is believed to be a “mystical” land due to the existence of hybrids.  The mountainous landscape thrives with healing herbs, which attracts many travelers.  It is typically a dangerous country due to the […]