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Sailing Master Crystal Scarlet Navarro

Jun - 30 2014

Crystal Scarlet Navarro Species: Lion Gender: Female Eyes: Hazel Hair: Red Appearance: Light tan with cream colored markings. She has long, loose, wavy hair. Clothes: Crystal sometimes wears a tribal outfit, but every now and then wears a regular blouse and trousers. It can vary, because she likes to pick and choose things from different vendors whenever she visits towns. […]


Jun - 30 2014

The place where Feralys first shipwrecked.  Inhabited by multiple small clans of rogues and pirates, Mangora is protected from military infiltration.  Ybrad owns most of the region, where he has established a large underground facility.  The exact location of this facility is nearly unknown, but is also said to stretch throughout 1/4 of the region.The […]