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Captain Reimina Keishana

Jun - 30 2014

Princess Reimina Clover Keishana Species: Rottweiler and Standard Poodle Mix Gender: Female Eyes: Brown Hair: Blonde Appearance: Dog woman, long floppy ears, and brown and cream colored markngs. She has medium-long hair which can be pinned up or left down. Clothes: Rei always wears white dresses, but in the winter, or in mourning, tends to switch to a black or […]

Redmane and Strongest Allies

Jul - 02 2014

Captain Arthur S. Jones AKA “Redmane” (Pirate King) – Sails Stormbridge Captain Richard Tyrun (Strongest Ally of Redmane) – Sails Tigrantil Captain Kiapa Sequine (Second strongest Ally of Redmane) – Sails War Path ASSUMED DECEASED, DESTROYED BY FERALYS/ LEVIATHAN Captain Sivil Joulier (Third strongest Ally of Redmane) – Sails Goldbringer DECEASED, DESTROYED BY FERALYS