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Captain Reimina Keishana

Jun - 30 2014

Princess Reimina Clover Keishana Species: Rottweiler and Standard Poodle Mix Gender: Female Eyes: Brown Hair: Blonde Appearance: Dog woman, long floppy ears, and brown and cream colored markngs. She has medium-long hair which can be pinned up or left down. Clothes: Rei always wears white dresses, but in the winter, or in mourning, tends to switch to a black or […]


Jun - 30 2014

Tischna is a fairly large region towards the north of Shoalrije, usually with year-round cool weather and beautiful floral valleys. It is famous for the vast amethyst caves and the purple wisteria foliage that fills the forests. The outskirts of Tischna mostly consist of dense pine woods and rocky riverbanks, typically covered in moss. It […]