Sahp Janibeu

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Sahp Janibeu

Species: Unknown
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Appearance: Thin, fragile, and unattractive. His species is so mixed, that not even he is sure what he is.
Clothes: Simple white shirt, silver trimmed camel colored vest, and dark red pants.
Strengths:  Obedient, very good with games.
Weakness: Unskilled in fighting, fears a lot of things, superstitious.
Weapons: Short sword, usually mans the cannons when asked.


Sahp was born and raised in Ilesbora, where he lived with his parents for most of his life. Though his parents were middle-class citizens, money was never a problem because trading thrived so well in the growing town. Sahp usually tended to the farmland as extra work to do, and was never really one to venture out to seek anything to change his life.

On some trips to the bank for his parents, Sahp would often interact with Jezebel, who owned the bank. She later fell in love and asked for his hand in marriage. He had nothing else going for him in his life, so he agreed, and both sides of the families were more ecstatic than he was, and soon after, he was wed. The couple have four children who are raised by a nanny.

Sahp was generally unhappy with his life. His wife worked and brought home most of the income, his children were unfamiliar to him, and his parents sure wouldn’t have him back on their farm. Because of this, he would spend most of his time at the tavern. One of his tavern visits turned out to get held up by the Feralys pirate, Crystal, who soon after led him on board. He cooperatively remains on board, and actually enjoys it more than his old life.

Sahp isn’t one of the brightest or most interesting of the crew on board, but he is a hard worker, and is usually assigned labor that nobody else enjoys. His introverted personality keeps him out of trouble.