Liu Ori

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Liu Ori

Species: Leopard
Gender: Female
Eyes: Green
Hair: Long Straight Black
Appearance: Thin, petite, and cute. Her spotty fur makes her very appealing among the males on board.
Clothes: She wears a sleeveless kimono-like silk dress, and black pants. She also wears belts over her obi sash to carry her things.
Strengths:  Throwing knives, swift, sewing.
Weakness: Physically weak, not very good at making her own decisions.
Weapons: Two daggers and a blade-fan.


Liu grew up with her single mother in Orchid Isle, where they would create silk clothing for the Empress. An invasion took place in their village, and she was later captured by a pirate ship to be sold into slavery. After being traded through a couple of ships, she met her long lost older brother, Lang. She was captivated by his stories and strength, and decided that she would stay by his side for as long as the two would live, even as a pirate.

Liu follows Lang anywhere he goes. She doesn’t date because of the protection of her brother. Though she loves her brother, she feels like he doesn’t tell her a lot, and it bothers her. She tries to seek attention among other men, but she tries to keep it a secret in spite of her brother. She doesn’t talk a lot, but because her brother trained her to fight, she knows how to fight to survive. She gets injured a lot, and Lang is always there to tend to her wounds.