Lang Ori

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Lang Ori

Species: Leopard
Gender: Male
Eyes: Green
Hair: Variegated shades of white, black, and browns. Short in the front and brushed back, long ponytail or braid in the back.
Appearance: Lean and muscular, bold spotting around the back portions of his body. He always keeps a tough face on.
Clothes: Simple dark red shirt with the sleeves torn off. His arms are wrapped around his wrists and hands, and he wears a back sash around his waist. His pants are a decorative lighter shade of red, and he wears leather armor around his shins. He uses belts to hold his weapons.
Strengths: Combat fighting, excellent climber and swimmer.
Weakness: Hot-headed, uncooperative, cannot see very well at a distance.
Weapons: Broadsword, grenades, dagger.


Lang grew up with his single father off the smaller island tropical coasts of Leopard Island. He was raised and well trained as a Blacksmith, crafting much of his own weapons out of lava that surrounded the islands. He lived an easy primitive lifestyle, fishing and harvesting lava for his weapons, until his father passed away. Lang was soon introduced to pirates, who would trade rare items for a custom made weapon. For some time, this was Lang’s specialty, and it was well paying, until he got whisked away onto the high seas.

He regretted very little in life, and had a very headstrong adventurous outlook wherever he went. He fought many fights among the ships he’d journeyed with, and constantly changed his loyalties for the experience. He soon found his home aboard the ship, Rascade, under Captain Eric Crowne.

He would often buy slaves to temporarily exploit, and then he would set them free. Many of them were females used for sex, and then released on ports to start their lives anew. Nobody questioned his morale.

One of the slaves turned out to be his long lost sister, Liu, who was owned indirectly under Redmane. Details of the transactions are still in question, since Lang insists he paid a “high price” to be reunited with her. Since then, Lang stopped buying and freeing slaves, and dedicated his life to protecting her. Even after their ship was destroyed, they remain together.

Lang’s attitude towards authority is unpleasant, and his decisions usually cannot be swayed.