Jack Tarr

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Species: Pine Marten
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair:  Yellow-gold head-fur, worn long at the back in a tarred pigtail.
Appearance: Stands at about 5’10”. Build wise he has the thin, strongly athletic build of a mustelid. His fur is the normal gold and brown of a marten, but is marred by the odd scar, especially across his back, there there are the obvious signs of a flogging some time in his past. Usually he wars a standard sailor outfit of blue baggy linen pants, a shirt and a dark blue wool coat.
Weapons: His preferred weapon is a heavy boarding axe, although he also carries a long-barrelled cavalry pistol.


An orphan from the streets of Ernmouth, Angland, Jack found himself press ganged aboard a Royal Navy man-of-war at the age of seven. Not even knowing his second name, the ships Captain, put him in the book as ‘Jack Tarr’, the name he lived with ever since. Jack’s natural agility and head for heights made him ideal for working in the rigging, where he could rapidly manoeuvre himself about the ropes and canvas.

As he matured, he was quickly rated Able and assigned to the rigging. On his last voyages with the Navy, Jack served as Captain of the Maintop, the most senior sailor on the ship’s largest mast. During his final voyage however, Jack was flogged for an offence, scars of which he still bears on his back. This event eventully led to him jumping ship, and signing up with Feralys, where he serves in the mainmast as one of the most experienced sailors aboard.