Crush “Innsjø” Shepherd

Jun - 30 2014 | By

Species: German Shepherd
Gender: Male
Eyes: Lavender
Hair:  Turqoise
Appearance: Kind of unusual, Teal colored fur pelt along with the normal black and tan, lavender eyes, pointed shepherd ears, green nose and tongue. Has an athletic build with broad shoulders. Sits roughly at about 5’10”-6’0″ tall.
Clothes: Normally wears his robes but with black socks and black slippers. Sometimes has his sleeves wrapped up around his wrists with bindings. Has a set of beads normally around his left wrist and a jade circle with a leather lashing tied around his neck.
Strength: Major strength being quickness and hand to hand combat as well as throwing knives/axes.
Weakness: Difficulty speaking and understanding English, Cannot be drunk during the day/in combat, terrible with weapons longer than a dagger including firearms.
Weapons: Around his waist is a belt that holds 4 throwing knives each side, and a sheath on the back of the belt which holds a short sword with a teal cord hanging from the hilt, not very good with it but as a last ditch weapon. One throwing axe he normally wears at his belt.

The way he looks now would put the German Shepherd around his mid to late twenties. He’s got a bit of a temper at times, but overall a good moral compass to those he can actually stand. Once you’ve gained his loyalty, you’ve gained a lasting bond, from which he’ll sacrifice everything to protect. Loves to drink, loves to chitchat, overall a friendly guy and easy to get along with.

Due to his young age, his story has yet to begin. Having lost both of his parents and left to die by feuding villages. He was quickly snatched up by a traveling monk and brought to the temple. Raised by monks had it’s ups and downs. He was disciplined and had a hard outer physique, both mentally and spiritually tough. Though he longed to travel, and that was his major flaw. Having not much of a life outside of the temple he couldn’t really read anyone well as far as social interaction. His english not so great, and using his hands to talk sometimes only got him so far. At the age of 21 he decided it was time to start his own journey, bidding farewell to the monks that raised him, and the temple he called home he headed for the nearest major city on the edge of his continent searching for his own job and a sense of personal enlightenment. He hadn’t known of his actual parent’s fate and never dwelled on it.

It took a mere two months to finally reach his destination from the mountains he used to live in, one of the only port cities named Tianjin. His first year in the city he found himself working at a local bar where he befriended an old barkeep and a monk from a different temple in a distant providence. One long night of heavy drinking, and a bar full of his country’s Naval forces caused quite a stir, which was silenced by one lone man. The monk, who Crush had befriended, had been a master of Zui Quan or Drunken Fist. He spent the next 3 years, studying under a new master to learn the ways of the fabled fighting style. Only when his master grew ill, had he been told to continue his training and his journey and carve his own path.

Spending the last two years on merchant ships, trading and selling Eastern Island foreign spices. He spent enough time on the ship to grow accustomed to the crew and it’s captain. Only when on one fateful journey back to his home country had his ship been raided and pilfered of what supplies they had by a fellow he overheard the name “Redmane.” His captain staged an attack as the foreign ship’s captain boarded, only to be quickly silenced. He only escaped by hanging off the aft of the ship. Slowly sinking and nowhere near land, he hoped for rescue as he’d sit behind the helm of the ship and meditate.