Port Royale

Jun - 30 2014 | By

Port Royal is the name given to the largest colony of the United Briton. One of the four great powers of the Old World, United Briton was formed by the mutual union of two neighbouring nations, it’s colonial Empire rapidly growing, now rivaling it’s neighbors.

Port Royal itself is a settlement in the great bay on the island’s west side. It is a sheltered, defendable settlement, guarded by Fort George on a cliff to the settlement’s north. The town itself is substantial with several stone built buildings, including the Governor’s House on the hill above the town, and the Magistrate. There are several areas in the town that one can visit:

The Docks: Capable of docking and repairing even the largest warships, the deep water allowing mooring with little difficulty.

The Warren: Above the docks, this network of closes and alleyways is a haven for those who don’t want to be found. Home of the most popular sailor’s ‘clubs’.

The Town: The main body of the settlement. Hosts the main square, the market, shops and many townhouses belonging to merchants and other gentlefolk.

The Terrace: Cut into the lush hill above the town, this locates many of the finest residences, including the Governor’s House.