Profile Development

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To help develop your character profile, please use the following format!

Copy and pasteĀ the following template, and modify accordingly.
You will be importing this information into the forum:

Don’t worry if it’s not perfect at first. It can always be modified anytime.



[code][center][b]Character's Complete Full Name[/b]
[b]Species:[/b] Species
 [b]Gender:[/b] Gender
 [b]Eyes:[/b] Eye Color
 [b]Hair:[/b] Hair Color
 [b]Appearance:[/b] Summarize what your character basically looks like. Please include specifics, such as peculiar markings or unique hairstyles, or even body type. This is mainly just in case someone needs to draw your image. Don't be too confusing though!
 [b]Clothes:[/b] Describe the basic clothes they wear. If they wear something specific, then mention it. If they wear anything, or something simple, mention that as well. Remember accessories, and not weapons!
 [b]Strengths:[/b] Describe two strengths that your character has. Please try to choose a physical and a mental.
 [b]Weakness:[/b] Describe two weaknesses that your character has. Please try to choose a physical and a mental.
 [b]Weapons:[/b] Describe the basic weapons your character has. If your character has a gunblade, mention it. Not all of the characters were chosen to have gunblades. Theyre all slightly different as well.
This section is where you put paragraphs about your character. Try not to describe their appearance here, you already did that just now. Make sure to include personality, and history, and personal goals, if applicable.[/code]


Please keep in mind that there will be some things I want you all to think about with your characters. Changes include:

– Every character to have one favorite crewmember, and one least favorite crewmember.
– Everyone will be assigned a duty.
– Everyone will have one good strength/ talent, and two weaknesses.
– Everyone can have three main weapons.
– Everyone will suffer a near-death experience at least once.