Meerkat Cove

Jun - 30 2014 | By

Predominately inhabited by a vast population of meerkats, Meerkat Cove is a rather innovative and productive country.    Though most homes typically develop underground, in caves, and in cliffsides, Meerkat cove is luscious in vegetation.

Meerkat Cove is not open to outsiders.  Though visitors do stop by to tour the landscape and conduct business, most of the native inhabitants either stay away or show a great deal of hostility; some cases even lead to death.  Interracial relationships are forbidden within their culture, entitling even their own who participate in such relations to be rejected from their families, or killed.

Meerkat Cove contains one group of pirates, outcasts themselves who rebel by surviving off of the coasts and stolen goods from their own homeland.  They are responsible for bombing Port Royal.