Leopard Island

Jun - 30 2014 | By

This Island has a fairly drastic change in terrain. Changing from a coastal region to a fairly tall mountain area. The locals are typically feline in nature and are very open to trade and commerce. The economy is based off of the very productive farms that have been set up in the lowland areas. There is not much in the way of industry however so they tend to trade for what they need from other islands.  The locals that live in the mountains are some what reclusive, and tend to stay in their monasteries but are not hostile if travelers make their way up to them. 

Snow leopard mountain monastery: Because it is located high in the mountains, the conditions surrounding the monastery are very cold, snow is almost always present, because of this few are willing to venture up to visit other than the merchants who supply them. The lifestyle of those who live there is a strict one (something of a mix of catholic church and Buddhism), they are not allowed to carry weapons or practice violence.