Feralys Pirate Positons

Jun - 30 2014 | By

These are positions often found aboard a Pirate ship. They are not set in stone, as they would vary from ship to ship, but this should give you an idea.

  • Captain – When the ship is in action, the Pirate Captain has complete Authority. Although the most senior position aboard they are usually elected by the crew (and can be replaced if they are no good!). A Captain’s power is great but not absolute, as many decisions will be put to vote or will need the consensus of both the Quartermaster and Captain.
  • Quartermaster – Also elected by the crew, the Quartermaster is ranked second to the Captain and shares much of the power when the ship is not in action, at which time he has the authority to veto any of the Captain’s decisions. His duties involve the overall supervision of the running of the ship and overseeing the taking and dividing of plunder. It is also common for the Quartermaster to lead boarding parties.

All the postions below are selected by the Captain and the Quartermaster

  • Boatswain (Bosun) – Is responsible for all ‘Seamanship’ tasks and will oversee the maintenance of the ship, the sails the rigging etc.
  • Sailing Master – Is responsible for Navigation of the ship.
  • Gunner – Responsible for the gun crews as well as the care and maintenance of the ship’s armaments and any community-owned small arms.
  • Carpenter, Sailmaker etc. – Responsible for the physical maintenance of the ship.
  • Surgeon – Rare aboard Pirate ships, responsible for the physical well-being of the crew.
  • Cook – Again rare aboard pirate ships, but very sought after!
  • Purser – Usually a naval position, but the Purser deals with the selling of any loot that ship might come by!

Last but not least…

  • Crewmen – Crewmen would often be defined by where their positions were when the ship is in action eg Maintopman, Waister, Guncrew. This is rarely as defined as it is aboard Naval ships.