Redmane and Strongest Allies

Jul - 02 2014

Captain Arthur S. Jones AKA “Redmane” (Pirate King) – Sails Stormbridge Captain Richard Tyrun (Strongest Ally of Redmane) – Sails Tigrantil Captain Kiapa Sequine (Second strongest Ally of Redmane) – Sails War Path ASSUMED DECEASED, DESTROYED BY FERALYS/ LEVIATHAN Captain Sivil Joulier (Third strongest Ally of Redmane) – Sails Goldbringer DECEASED, DESTROYED BY FERALYS  

Ghost Story

Jul - 01 2014

One evening, following a raging storm of thunder and lightning, the majority of the Feralys crew relaxed under curfew, while the rest kept a watchful eye on the weather from the docks. Crystal, one of those under curfew, could not rest. Conrad accompanied her, unable to sleep as well. The floorboards creaked, and the ship […]